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INTRODUCING the realible tours partner in Yogya or Jogjakarta and Borobudur area ,Central Java with long years experiences in handling a lot of foreign clients from various nationalities wish to wonder the interesting nature,and culture of Javanese in the east part of the which is the on-line version of Bromo Discovery Tour Operator provides the services to make your vacation in Bromo area and its surrounding easier.We proudly present our product,such as :



Our services specify in clients interest, so the well explained discussion will be provided to reach what the clients exactly want.


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Discover Borobudur temple , the Unesco site , and recognized officially as one of 3 world heritages in Indonesia , the very wellknown Budhist Monument BOROBUDUR , the outsatanding highlight visit to the famous island Java. Borobudur was built in the 8th century , with the purpose of having the holly place for some ceremonies and Budhist celebration.Annual event , is still being held once a year , in avery single full moon , of around May or June , the legendary Waisya. To wonder this huge Budhist Temple , we offer the related services , such as Transport in all sizes both for the individual or for the group travellers.

Borobudur Temple can be also reached from Semarang , Central java , for any cruise line passangers docking in this harbour , some well done prepared exursion will be provided , to avoid the heavy traffic problem with our very helpful Police Escort car .


We also offer , other kind of Tour to explore mush more further the island of Java which has been famous for many years for the Mountain,Vulcanos,and Nature/Adventure Lovers.A lot of wonderful and challanging attractions are offered in this area,such as tour to Bromo , Semeru,Ijen Crater ,Ngliyep beach,Baluran national Reserve,Sempu island as well as to find the Turtle in Sukamade at night.East Java has the second most important city in Indonesia,the metropolitan city of Surabaya which also has an international airport,connecting with so many big cities in the neighbourhood,like Singapore,Tokyo,Hong Kong,Sydney,Bangkok,Middle Eastern cities,and Kuala Lumpur.To wonder those beautiful places,borobudurdiscovery provides services to make all those visits easy,such as :


- Reservation for your hotel rooms in Jogja , Solo,Bromo,Ijen
- Design your private tour in Jogja ,Solo , Bromo , and Ijen.
- Arrangement of your flight from and to Jogjakarta.
- Transport Service in Borobudur and its surrounding.
- Organize Java or Java and Bali Overland Tours.
- Travel Advice

Jogjakarta is also the main gate to enter the destination in the entire country,so right after visiting the above places,the continuation of tour can be arranged,either heading to the West or to the East,and our travel company,borobudurdiscovery provides further packages below :

-Java Overland : Jogja - Solo - Bromo - Surabaya ( 03 Nights / 04 Days)
-Java Bali Tours: Surabaya-Bromo-Kalibaru-Bali (02 Nights / 03 Days)
-Bromo to Ijen : Jogja-Bromo-Ijen Crater ( 03 Nights / 04 Days )
-Bromo & Borobudur : Surabaya by flight to Borobudur ( 02 Nights / 03 days)
-Bromo & Jungle Tour: Surabaya-Bromo-Jogja-Pangandaran-Bandung
-Bromo & President Memorial Park : Surabaya-Bromo-Blitar-Surabaya
-Bromo & East Java Ancient Temples : Surabaya-Bromo-Malang-Surabaya

All tours are conducted by our friendly staffs with long years experiences in organizing tours to BROMO, BOROBUDUR, JOGJA, BALI, LOMBOK, SEMERU, KRAKATAU, IJEN, JAKARTA, TANGKUBAN PERAHU, And Beyond.

Wherever you go , to entire destination in Java and Bali,Our Operators are ready to assist you.In case you do not need our full arrangement,and You prefer only hire our small car with licenced driver , We will pick you up exactly in front of your hotel entrance before starting the tours.
We do not only provide the English speaking Tour Staffs , but the number of multi languages Speaking Staffs are ready to answer all of your questions, such as Germany, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Japanese.

We are also the sales agent of the very comfort resort in Ijen , just contact us for the reservation at Ijen Clift Resort

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